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Ultimate Football Quiz - Saturday 12th September 2015

Hi all,

My Son Jack, who many of you know, is going on a community help project to Ecuador next summer and needs to raise some serious cash. The project is a month-long and will focus on repairing and maintaining schools and health centres etc.

As part of his fund raising he and I are organising the Ultimate Football Quiz with a unique format and some very challenging questions – not just about the Premier or Champions League but from a time when football was real and proper. We have categories of questions that cover everything from the Arts to Animals – but all football related. This is the most unique football quiz you will ever go to. If you think you know a bit about football you will want to be there.

  • We are looking for 16 teams of 4 people – numbers strictly limited.

  • The cost is £40 per team – to include a fish and chip supper (each!)

  • The venue is Allexton & New Parks Football Club, Leicester LE3 6DN – 10 minutes from J21 of the M1

  • The date is Saturday 12th September 2015

  • Gates Open – 6.15pm, teams announced - 6.40pm, rules explained 6.50 pm, kick off - 7.00pm, half-time 8.30pm, Final Whistle - 10.30pm

  • Licenced, cash bar available.

  • Maybe some prizes if the budget can stretch to it.

If you want to take part just email me: , your support would be much appreciated.


Maurice Allen

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