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Message from Phoenix, Arizona

"First, I would like to thank you and the club, the families for your generous hospitality. We had an incredible trip and enjoyed every minute of our trip. I know that each child has their own memories and highlights of the trip. However, I want to share mine with you and one that I have shared with everyone that wants to listen.

I did not have many expectations when my son and I decided to join Pete on this trip. Being a big Football fan I know we would have a great time. But the time spent with the people of Leicester will stay with me forever. The generosity each of you, your parents and supporters left a lasting impression. Everyone made us feel welcome and a part of Allexton, and I can honestly tell you that was not true in other situations.

For that I thank you for the experience and will hold the People, Allexton and the City of Leicester in the highest regard. I am a Fan/Supporter of Allexton and wish you the best."

- Zeke Duque

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