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Safety Notice

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The football club has seen an ever-increasing number of parents/carers simply drop their child off at the club for matches or training, assuming there is someone there to take care of them. Quite frankly, this is not acceptable particularly at the very youngest age groups. It is very firmly the responsibility of the parents/carers to ensure the team coach or manager is on hand to receive the player and that a pick up time is agreed if the parent/ carer is not stopping for the duration of the session. Most coaches are only too happy to look after your child but please do not assume that that will always be the case or they will always be able to do so.

It has also become noticeable now that dark evenings are here that a number of children are arriving at the club on bicycles that are very poorly illuminated with no lights or reflectors. Furthermore the children are inevitably wearing their black training kits making them almost invisible, certainly along Glenfield Road where lighting is poor and people still continue to park along the pavement and verge obscuring the view. Those people who park in that way on Glenfield Road are people who have children at our club - possibly you! Do you want to be the one who could be responsible for injuries caused to a child?

PLEASE USE THE COLLEGE CAR PARK ON GREENCOAT ROAD, POSTCODE LE3 6RN and walk around the corner to the ground.

Lastly, if you have changed your emergency contact number since your child signed for the club could you please email the new number to

Thank you in anticipation of your cooperation,

Allexton & New Parks FC

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